encaustic painting | clearing

Newly completed.
clearing | 2012 | 12 x 9 inches | encaustic on panel



Nice relaxing colors. I'm guessing that these colors are inspired by your recent trip.

Pete Hoge said...

Do you think there is any distortion of the real color as it is seen in natural light or a strong light which provides even coverage?

You really have a knack for activating a surface.

2d images can really be "alive"
in that way( surface and other


Pete Hoge said...

I forgot to add one thing in my comment about distorted light because I was talking about the photo itself...photographing the painting for this format.

I guess I answer my own question.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Actually I started this painting before I went on that trip to the desert.

I knew what you meant, the photograph itself. Encaustic lends itself to activated surfaces, quite naturally, and I like that. What I also like is that I can play with the surface; I'm learning when to leave well enough alone, however, and not fuse so deeply as to mix the layers.