pastel | untitled no. 1

First in a series of pastel color field drawings.
I used vellum paper. I didn't want to over blend - never good! The image appears loaded with pigment, although so far it doesn't shake off which is a good sign. I'll probably very lightly spray it with matte fixative. In the future, I may apply the first pastel layer with a damp brush to get a softer, more even application. That said, I do like the dry texture of "untitled no. 1". Thoughts?



I like the texture and the hint of pink. I love that you are using pinks now.

Pete Hoge said...

It takes a few minutes to see
the interesting stuff in this

You might be aware of a painter
who died in the early 90s.

Warren Rohrer. He was my teacher
at art school and he tried to
show me the beauty of minimal
forms and textures but I was such
a bad student that I did not hear
what he was saying until much later.

His paintings are done on square
canvases for the most part and
his subject is "texture fields".

You can search him through google
and find his work.

He might actually be one of the
greats of American modern painting.

Anyway, you might find a kindred
spirit in his work.


Diane McGregor said...

Love this - the texture and and color are wonderful. I agree with Pete - you should look at Warren Rohrer's work.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

More pink to come. It's immensely satisfying to work with this sometimes misunderstood color.

No, I was not aware of Warren Rohrer but I am now. I just Googled him, wow...This is right up my alley. How fortunate that he was your teacher! I appreciate your letting me know about his work.

Thanks. I haven't worked in pastel in so long that I forgot about all the possibilities with this medium.