prada marfa

I have encountered photographs and various articles on Prada Marfa countless times. However, nothing could have prepared me for an actual encounter with this site specific art installation. I mean, could anything be more out of place? 360 degree views of a vast, barren desert landscape, dead quiet, and bam! there it is. The brain tries to make sense of this odd disconnection. Prada Marfa is so simple yet brilliant. It challenges perceptions and it's ironic and humorous, and I like that.
Prada Marfa was originally meant to decay naturally over time, slowly becoming one with the desert environment. I am not sure the current status of that plan since it was vandalized soon after installation and refurbished with new security measures in place. Even so, there is graffiti on the back of the building which appears to be fairly recent.
Decay in nearby Valentine, Texas - similar to how Prada Marfa might appear over time.

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