pastel | untitled no. 5

My wet on dry technique - or more appropriately, wet over dry.
There's a slight element of surprise with this method of pastel painting but not as much as with watercolor.


plasticanimal said...

I wish I was there, I'd love to come to one of your workshops! Do you find that you like one medium more than another? I loved watercolors when I worked with them. I never really tried anything with pastels.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...


I am really enjoying teaching my pastel workshop. Yesterday we did abstract drawings/paintings. With pastel, you can draw AND paint. A wonderfully versatile medium!

I have always loved soft pastel. From the first time I used it in college, I was in awe.. Took me years to figure out how to re-introduce it into my practice.

There are things I love about each medium I use. My current favorite is still encaustic. But I shall always feel attached to oil. There's just something about it.. I'm sure it will call me back eventually. Oil, encaustic, watercolor, pastel...I will need a bigger studio at some point!