found abstract | no. 39

More late afternoon imagery from Mustang Island at the Texas coast...Tracks in the sand. Driving is allowed on our beaches.


Kristy said...

Interesting. Before I realized it was a close up of tire tracks, I thought it was a distant landscape shot of cliffs.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I'm glad it was not instantly recognizable. That's one of the aims of my found abstract photos: subject ambiguity, at least initially.

seagypsy8 said...

Great idea, Steph. YOu are a true artist and I love it when you branch into other genres of art !!

plasticanimal said...

It looks like a lunar landscape to me and I agree with seagypsy8, I love it when you venture forth!

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

I greatly appreciate that! You've always been so supportive.

I quite like the idea of a lunar landscape. Can you imagine the photographic opportunities!