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 As I've mentioned before, painting production slows for me in summer. My motivation and energy wane as the heat and humidity rise. My solution is to take some time to regroup and focus on other aspects of being an artist and just living life.

Recently I've been thinking about creativity and planning. On my studio wall next to my desk is a printed copy of Josh Linkner's The Artist's Creativity Brief (which I originally found at Alyson B. Stanfield's website, ArtBizCoach.) Now, I'm not usually big on motivational, self-help, "coaching" stuff but Alyson and Josh have been exceptions.

Anyway, back to this little piece of paper you see here. When I get stuck in one area or the other, I often refer to it. As you can see, The Creativity Brief goes beyond the act of creating into other areas such as project planning. The Brief has helped me to regroup and get back on track with whatever project is at hand - whether it's painting, teaching, professional development, networking, or exhibiting; whether it's responding to calls for submissions, working on the website and blog, or writing proposals.

Now back to, excuse the pun, the art of living.

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