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At the end of 2005 our family suffered a tragic loss. In the subsequent weeks, the painting process was cathartic for me, and the resulting work, powerful and meditative. It was during this time, in early 2006, that I painted interpose. I eventually removed the painting from sellable inventory, for I could not part with it. interpose now hangs in the dining space of our home.
Artists: Have you created any work (intended for sale) that you decided to keep for yourself? If so, why did you decide not to sell it?


lisa said...

Hi Stephanie,
I find that I end of keeping pieces that either have an emotional connection to that time in my life or that are those kinds of paintings that are transitional or prescient to the next body of work.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

Sometimes we need to keep these important pieces as reminders or references.
I suppose I've kept transitional work too. In fact, "interpose" is not only an emotional piece but it is also prescient to some of my encaustic work. However, at that time, 2006, I had no idea I'd be working in encaustic years later..

polka dot said...

It's beautiful, Stephanie, and when next we talk please tell me what happened in 2006.

Do I ever take something off the market? I've never sold a piece of my art. Here I was - back in NY - with the opportunity of a lifetime for an artist. I had a mentor, one of the best, in every sense, living art collectors in the world, preparing me to be an artist - to SHOW - and I got scared. And part of what scared me - besides revealing myself to the public, opening myself to hurt or criticism - was the idea that, at the end, I'd have to give my art away.

No amount of money could help me overcome the idea of letting go. So I stopped 'being an artist.'

Ironically, altho I didn't see it at the time, starting a photography blog meant 'giving away' my art all the time. And opening myself up to criticism. And I only realise it now, in hindsight - it's NOT THAT BAD! Letting go is such freedom, such power. It's making me want to make real art work again - and to consider showing - and even consider giving my art away, and receiving money in exchange.

I love your paintings. But - and I was thinking about you again, driving through South Beach - I also feel that your self style photography is the most fascinating art form. Not the other girls - that's different - but what you do, with such seriousness, but a kind of dance like humour behind it - I'd so love to see large prints, a full retrospective of your work. Odyssey: Self Portraits

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...

polka dot,

In 2005, we lost a dear family member suddenly and tragically.
Thanks for your nice comments about my self-styled photos! That's merely a side pursuit for me. I'm not interested in making it part of my portfolio as an artist. For one thing, I'm no photographer. Also it doesn't fit with the content and subject matter of my work.
I did not know you were once an artist! I'd like to know more about what type of work you were doing - content, medium, theme. I'm intrigued!