the shape of things


Where have I been? Oh, here, there and yonder. A lot has transpired this year. The biggest news is that in Spring, my family and I relocated from south Texas to the terrific city of Austin. I couldn't be more pleased with our fresh surroundings. A dream come true.

Life took on a new shape. Houseguests came and went. We set up house, including moving the contents of my studio no less than three times. We began to navigate a crowded big city (the traffic!) I began an extensive job search, hoping to land a teaching or art administrative job and get my career back on track. I'm still searching.

We spent most of June visiting family in beautiful southern Brazil. It turned into a meaningful break in the midst of a busy time, a good visit with my in-laws, and a welcome escape from the Texas summer heat. 

Onto the paintings pictured above: Why have they been removed from their wood stretchers? I'll reveal soon. Stay tuned.


Kristy said...

Good luck on move and job search. I am going through the same and totally understand.

Stephanie Hoff Clayton said...


Oh, we moved several months ago - but it's still fresh in my mind. Hoping to not do that again anytime soon!